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Breathing (Pranayama) Classes in London

Pranayama, yogic breathing, is the essential accompaniment to your existing asana-based yoga practice. Pranayama helps you to develop a rounded yoga practice and is the first stage in learning to meditate. I am one of the only yoga teachers in London to offer private pranayama classes, drawing on 20 years' practical experience.

Learn Yoga Pranayama Breathing

Many people breathe inefficiently leading to heightened stress, poor digestion and a host of other ailments. Pranayama will teach you how to breathe consciously, correctly and efficiently and will help to calm your mind, expand your cardio-vascular fitness and can, with patient practice, help the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory disorders. Pranayama is both enjoyable and beneficial to your well being, and practiced regularly leaves you feeling calm but energized.